Miner Community

Nice to have you here in the Miner Community!

For the BCP project, the Community is built for everyone. The Community is important because it is the cornerstone of our establishment of a decentralized system. As a decentralized and open source project, it can only be developed and perfected under the collective efforts of all.
Therefore, everyone's participation on creative ideas, community development or management, etc. is valuable. If you have any questions or are interested in the BCP project, you are welcome to join our community activities below.

All decentralized blockchain communities reward those who assist in protecting network security. For example, Bitcoin gives rewards to its miners – a small bunch of people who protect the Bitcoin network. As for BCP, you will be rewarded BCP and BCPC for your contribution to the network security.

Here are our plans in the long run:
In the first phase, it is estimated that the BCP mining software will be launched on Feb 12th. The average block time of BCP is two and a half minutes with a block reward of 3.125 BCP.
In the second phase, smart mining software will be developed to implement the dynamic mining of main chain coins BCP and side chain coins BCPC. The software where the main chain BCP utilizing PoW while the side chain BCPC implementing Mission Distribution Network (MDN) based on smart contracts is estimated to be launched in June, 2018.

In the third phase, super mining software will be developed based on smart mining software, which featured as: 1) a decentralized mining mechanism of PoW on main chain BCP to lower mining threshold and strengthen P2P network security; and 2) extended functions for other communities with super mining software as the core.