Nice to have you here in the Forum!

For the BCP project, the Community is built for everyone. The Community is important because it is the cornerstone of our establishment of a decentralized system. As a decentralized and open source project, it can only be developed and perfected under the collective efforts of all.
Therefore, everyone's participation on creative ideas, community development or management, etc. is valuable. If you have any questions or are interested in the BCP project, you are welcome to join our community activities below.

Everyone is welcomed in the BCP Forum. We protect your privacy and fight for your freedom of speech. Everybody can speak out freely and contribute their suggestions to community development. In the meantime, we also provide sub-forums of different languages with the aim of building a global community. As BCP develops, we will divide it into several sections: news, announcements, community tasks, mining discussions, development problem discussions, market and transaction discussions, proposals and voting and etc.

If you have excellent ideas but have no resources to make them come true, you are encouraged to make proposals for voting - a way of showing democracy. We encourage all community members to take an active part in voting to improve our projects, especially significant projects. In addition, you can be rewarded the side chain coins BCPC by verifying MDN, undertaking our community tasks etc. Come and join us!

We are recruiting competent community managers who have an interest in us. If that is you, please contact us.