Exchange Community

Nice to have you here in the Exchange Community!

For the BCP project, the Community is built for everyone. The Community is important because it is the cornerstone of our establishment of a decentralized system. As a decentralized and open source project, it can only be developed and perfected under the collective efforts of all.
Therefore, everyone's participation on creative ideas, community development or management, etc. is valuable. If you have any questions or are interested in the BCP project, you are welcome to join our community activities below.

Major functions in this community in the future will include:
Upon BCP rewards and submission of mining proof, miners can exchange BCP with BCPC on our website at the rate of 1,000 BCPC per BCP and convert the BCPC to mainstream fiat currencies such as USD and GBP in the Clearing Community with no need to trade on an exchange.

If you need to convert BCPC to fiat currencies, our underwriter will do it for you at the rate of BCPC over the market price of a corresponding cryptocurrency which has a 100% reserve.