Clearing Community

Nice to have you here in the Clearing Community!

For the BCP project, the Community is built for everyone. The Community is important because it is the cornerstone of our establishment of a decentralized system. As a decentralized and open source project, it can only be developed and perfected under the collective efforts of all.
Therefore, everyone's participation on creative ideas, community development or management, etc. is valuable. If you have any questions or are interested in the BCP project, you are welcome to join our community activities below.

Bitcoin Parallel Clearing, or BCPC for short, will implement POI + voting rights + leasing mechanisms + IMO mining nodes with smart contracts to achieve a 3-second block generation time and a transaction speed of 3,000 transactions per second. Such characteristics are sufficient to make BCPC serve the role as a clearing media in the whole ecosystem.

In a report of year 2015, Oliver Wyman made an estimation that the annual clearing cost in global financial industry were between 65 to 80 billion dollars and that blockchain technology would save roughly 50% cost for this industry. 80% of the world’s banks have begun testing their blockchain projects and more than 50 financial institutions have invested in blockchain projects. We will construct a service system where the clearing between cryptocurrencies and mainstream fiat currencies is completed through BCPC and an eligible system of liquidator. Also, digital fiat currencies such as BUSD, BEUR, BGBP and BJPY pegged by corresponding mainstream fiat currencies will be created through an anchoring mechanism of 100% reserve. In the process of clearing, you can choose whether to be cleared as fiat currencies or digital fiat currencies which are redeemable at any time without the risks of run and fraud.

Major financial institutions are warmly welcomed to join our service system. We will also seek to cooperate with major financial institutions.