Developer Community

Nice to have you here in the Developer Community!

For the BCP project, the Community is built for everyone. The Community is important because it is the cornerstone of our establishment of a decentralized system. As a decentralized and open source project, it can only be developed and perfected under the collective efforts of all.
Therefore, everyone's participation on creative ideas, community development or management, etc. is valuable. If you have any questions or are interested in the BCP project, you are welcome to join our community activities below.

Bitcoin Parallel, or BCP for short, is the next generation of decentralized global parallel blockchain ecosystem. By looking into the future development of the ecosystem of blockchain, we put forward the concept of virtual currency ecological chain on the parallel blockchains, which include one BCP main chain and two public side chain platforms. One of the public side chain platforms will support a combination of specialized online and offline side chains, including a variety of functions of media, mining, clearing, community and development. The other public side chain platform is to support multiple specialized online side chains to implement prediction, high-throughput transaction and special application scenarios such as trust and insurance and link up the real world and the virtual world, the past, the present and the future. BCP main chain utilizes an optimized CryptoNight algorithm that will revolutionize the current crypto system. Instead of having large mining pools of over 51% GPU hash power threatening BTC, there will be a BCP society and opportunities will be given back to the global P2P individuals with CPU. If you are a blockchain enthusiast who have anticipated the broad prospects of blockchain or an expert who master one or more of the following skills:

1) programming of smart contracts such as Solidity;
2) programming of underlying blockchain technologies such as BTC or EOS;
3) blockchain algorithms such as various verification algorithms; you are cordially invited to join our community and make suggestions and request tasks. Any suggestions that benefit BCP may get funded and rewarded. BCP needs every one of you to build our community and make the next generation of decentralized global parallel blockchain ecosystem come true.

Please contact us if you are interested.